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I am a marine deployed to Iraq and i have never had a shop take care of me or my vehicle like Travis at Gear Heads! They really know what they are doing and took the time to explain my options I will definetly promote the hell out of this shop to every one i know.

- Jose T Arlington Tx

Had differential and 4.10 gears installed and was more than satisfied with the on time delivery and the quality of work done. These guys know their stuff!!! The price was also lower than other shops in the DFW area. There is no better place to take your Mustang in my opinion.

- Eric Hopp Arlington, TX

Travis and Gearheads Performance are awesome! We deal in High Performance machines and they do ALL of our work! We ship these cars all over the nation and are confident in evey car we deliver to our friends and customers because these guys do first class work with first class service. Travis and team we appreciate you! Thanks for all you do...
TEAM AutoConnection USA

- Brandon Daniels Owner www.AutoConnectionUSA.net Arlington, TEXAS 76001

I have known Travis for over 5 years and he has done me right everytime. He is the only person I allow to work on my car and he treats my car as if it were his own. The reliability of all his work has been nothing less than exceptional. Take it from me...pick Travis to take car of all your auto performance needs and stick with him. You might find cheaper prices elsewhere but you will pay more in the long run. He just does great work. Period.

- Keven Kyser Fort Worth, TX

Wanted to thank Travis for the work he did on the car. Nice to see a shop with quick turn around that gets the job done right. Great work Travis!

- Wario Texas

Was the first to get the GHP upper plenum installed, alone with a Professional Products 75mm TB. Throttle response in great, picked up 15hp from the kit. GREAT work and service as always. thanx chris and travis!


Great service, and great prices. I had 3.73s, CAI, t/b, and plenum installed in a day. My only regret is not going with 4.10s.

- Mike bedford, tx

Travis installed gears in my sons 90 coupe. Did an excellent job in short time. Very conscientous as the car had wheel spacers and Travis call me to be sure to check the torque on the wheels again. Travis has helped with modification advice without doing any work on my car. I will come back for work on my car that I can't do.

- Marty King Watuga, Texas – Training Manager

Fantastic customer service. They went above and beyond to get my car running right. I installed a JLT intake with Bamachips custom tune. The car ran awful with that setup. Scott reprogrammed my car on the dyno to find an additional 10 hp. Total thumbs up. Nice to find a shop that actually has great customer service as well as great mechanics!!!

- Jon Balli Grand Prairie, TX

Travis, did a super job with my blown Saleen. I have owned the car for 5 years and the original tune was done at the Saleen factory. It was running too rich. Travis took the time to dynotune it, burn a chip, install a smaller pulley and change the plugs. He had to really work with the Saleen as it required multiple changes with Diablo support. Thanks for all of your help, Travis.........Great Job!!!

- Kevin Marujo Keller, Texas

Took my car to Speed Tek and the most they could get out of it was 291RWHP @ 353 torque. Took it to Travis and he was able to get 34RWHP @ 405 torque. That should be all i have to say!!!!! He has great prices and the know how to go with his work and goes out of his way to make your visit the best.

- Jessie Small Cleburne Tx

Travis came through for me with the ATI Procharger S/C and they were very helpful getting me up to speed. U duh man, Travis.

- Kevin Duvall Colleyville, Texas