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  • Produces 825+ Flywheel HP
  • More Boost At The “Hit”
  • More Power With Lower Boost Levels
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Best Power For Money
  • Fits Under Factory Hood With No Modifications
  • No Cutting Or Grinding
  • 4.00″ Upper Pulley
  • Black Finish
  • 132mm Roval Throttle Body
  • Oversized Crusherâ„¢ 150mm Inlet
  • Center Discharge Port
  • Largest Intercooler System On The Market
  • Plug & Play Wiring
  • 72lb/hr Fuel Injectors

Whipple 3.0L Stage 2 Supercharger System
If you are looking to make serious power or want to set new records in your 2015-2017 S550 Ford Mustang, Whipple has your answer! The stage 2 supercharger system is designed for the racer looking to make 825 flywheel HP range with the provided Roval 132mm electronic throttle body. The Whipple Stage 2 Supercharger kit features the brand new Generation 5 3.0L front feed twin-screw supercharger. This all-new supercharger features industry-leading efficiency from idle to redline. The Whipple Stage 2 3.0L is 30% larger than 2.3L roots-type allowing lower power draw and lower discharge temps to flow the same amount of air (more power to the rear wheels). All new bearings, gears, rotors, and housing allow the new supercharger to spin faster, longer and safer while producing more power than any other positive displacement supercharger ever built. The new Gen 5 features an all-new 3/4 rotor combination vs previous 3/5, 285 deg helix vs previous 270 deg, new bell mouth inlet, optimized discharge port, and increased diameter vs length ratio for higher efficiency.

Triple Intercooler Design
The 2015-2017 Whipple supercharger also features an all-new patent-pending triple intercooler design that has even more volume and surface area than the already massive Whipple Cooler that cooled the Ford Cobra Jets and all the record-setting S550 Mustangs. With the integrated, upside-down design, the massive supercharger fits just above the direct injection system to allow the industries largest air-to-water intercooler on the market. Not just one core, but patent-pending triple cores. Couple this with the industry’s leading heat exchanger, water reservoir and intercooler pump, you get more power with lower boost levels and quicker recovery times after aggressive operation.

6-Rib Billet Idler System
Every SC system features a 6-rib billet idler system and billet spring-loaded tensioner, billet idler pulleys and lightweight pocketed supercharger pulley. Each system comes with an adjustable idler pulley to allow variance in SC pulleys with minimal belt length changes. The massive 150mm Roval inlet allows for nearly any throttle body to be run, 80mm stock, 132mm or 150mm throttle bodies.

Fitment Note
The Whipple Stage 2 kit fits under the factory hood with no modifications. No cutting or grinding on the engine block or K-brace is needed. This kit comes complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation. Plug and play wiring with male and female connections. Vehicles with 75k mileage should replace the fuel pump and fuel filter due to deterioration. The DW415 fuel pump is a direct replacement and significantly increases in flow capacity.

The Whipple Stage 2 kit includes the following

  • 72lb/hr Fuel Injectors
  • 132mm Roval throttle body
  • OBDII flash tool and the new Flight Control technology
  • Tomahawk allows for wheel/tire axle changes (A Whipple exclusive)
  • Oversized heat exchanger for incredible intercooler water temps, 150% more volume than the competition, standard with every kit
  • Self-contained oversized oil system for dramatically reduced oil temps in even the most demanding conditions
  • Massive oversized aluminum intercooler reservoir (over 2 gallons) holds more than double any competitors IC water system allowing longer more consistent power levels vs. competition
  • Largest air-to-water aluminum bar-plate intercooler on the market (as much as 45% larger than the competition) offers more cooling than any other positive displacement system available, nothing comes close
  • Unique oil level sight glass for easy oil level and quality check, no dipstick to bind or misread
  • 3 minute pulley changes
  • Spark plugs included

Fits 2015-2017 Ford Mustang 5.0L

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Mustang GT2015, 2016, 2017


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